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Exclusive product developed by one of the world’s foremost scientists in the field of Ozone – Dr Silvia Menendez

Soap made with ozonated oils , specially formulated for the hygiene and daily care of the skin. Thanks to its content in ozonated oils clean without damaging the skin, respecting the hydrolipidic barrier of it.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: for best results and to enable the penetration and action through the skin of the ozonides and other by-products contained in the ozone soap, we recommend the following application:

moisten the hands and apply the soap,

rub the hands with abundant foam and follow rubbing until all the foam disappears,

the hands will remain as if you had applied an emulsion,

wait two or three minutes and then wet your hands with water and rub the hands again,

the soap foam will reappear, wash and rinse normally with water

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