Regenerating Organic Ozone Oil


Regenerating Ozone Oil an exclusive product developed by one of the world’s foremost scientists in the field of Ozone – Dr Silvia Menendez

With a composition of 100% ozonated oils, this oil retains many of the beneficial properties of ozone, oxygenating, regenerating and antioxidant. Prevents premature ageing and acts as a powerful anti-wrinkle. Our proprietary blend of ozonated oils preserves many of ozone’s properties at a cosmetic level: oxygenating, purifying, anti-oxidant.

Regenerating Ozone Oil helps to fend off premature skin ageing and has a potent smoothing, anti-wrinkle effect.

A minimal amount of our oil will go a long way, and one of our bottles will last you for months.

Dr Silvia Menendez states Germicide of broad-spectrum against viruses, bacteria and fungi, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, helps heal wounds, lubricant and emollient. Effective on acne, bedsores, herpes simplex & zoster, skin burns, wrinkles, ulcers, dry skin and hair. Helps avoid sunburns and sun damage. The oil can help treat HPV and vaginal candidiasis. Fascinating benefits of ozonated Olive Oil by Dr Eric Berg

For everyday skincare: We suggest that you wash your face or body with bar soap. Follow with the ozonated oil or cream. Some people use the oil at night and the cream in the mornings. Remember, a very small amount of product will go a long way. Start with the smallest amount possible and repeat as needed until the cream or oil are applied in the selected area.

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Pump action spray