Ozone Organic Skin Care Cream


Exclusive product developed by one of the world's foremost scientists in the field of Ozone - Dr Silvia Menendez

A formulation of ozonated olive oil and sunflower seed oil

Contains the moisturising and regenerating effects of Aloe Vera as well as the known calming, moisturising effects of glycerines

A daily application is recommended in order to achieve the desired effects

Ozone oils and creams retain many of the beneficial properties of ozone: oxygenating, regenerating, antioxidant and purifying .

To the beneficial properties of the aforementioned ozonised oils we must add the moisturising effects of glycerin and the soothing and moisturising effects of betaine, a derivative of sugar beet.

Enriched with vitamin E, antioxidant effect, fights free radicals helping to prevent premature skin ageing

Dr Silvia Menendez states

Excellent to delay skin ageing, helping to regenerate the skin and promoting micro circulation. Works to control rosacea (2-3x/day), atopic skin, psoriasis and skin irritations. Improves aged skin with sun spots and rough areas. Treats acne in combination with the soap bar.

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1.7 fl oz/50cc


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