A general guide on what to look out for

There are four issues that affect the performance of any machine 

Condition – Temperature – Pressure – Flow

Without regular maintenance a machine will, over time, loose performance – also remember it is good practice to turn off the water supply at the end of the working day – if its a multi practitioner clinic have every practitioner made aware of this protocol.


It cannot be overstated the effect limescale has on the key elements of any machine particuarly if the machine is left idle for weeks/months – 

Check with your water supplier whether you are located in a hard or soft water area. If they confirm its a hard water area then as a matter of good practice fit a water softener without the use of a water softener it will prove costly in terms of replacement parts and more importantly loss of clinic use while repairs are carried out.

See detail


The principle is a simple one you take mains water usually around 12’c and blend it with hot water usually around 50/55’c to produce treatment temperature that can be adjusted betwen 25-38’c

If a machine reacts sluggishly or the temperature is impossible to control the probable cause is a build up of limescale deposit over time on the thermal actuator causing the actuator piston to stick

Pressure – input and output

Most machines are optimised to work at min1bar up to max 2bar input or room/mains pressure – water pressure will vary within a building for example the UK suppliers must provide a minimum of 1bar ok if you are in the basement or on the ground floor but useless if you continue up to say a first or second floor as the pressure will drop with height.

There are approved equipment suppliers that can help boost pressure 

There are also parts of the UK were you need to reduce the incoming mains pressure e.g. Halifax Yorkshire 3.5bar and around the world e.g. Greece and Australia 6bar

There are approved equipment suppliers that can help reduce pressure

The output pressure is adjustable from 0 – 150 milibar with the majority of therapists operationg in the 50 – 80 milibar range during a procedure, if you have checked the input pressure to the machine is within range and there is still a pressure issue then it would point to an internal component on the machine.


The first indication that something is wrong will probably be visual through the machine viewing tube or not being able to introduce cleaning disinfectant – assuming no change has taken place to the hot/cold water supply then reduced flow is usually a caused by a restriction either a clogged filter or a critical part e.g. flow control valve or non return valve


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