Mitovit – Hypoxic Training System

30 001

MITOVIT® Hypoxic Training System,
Full HD Touch Screen Monitor,
2 Puls
e oximeters incl. extension cables, 1 sprial tube, 10 air cushion masks, 2 straps for air cushion masks, 1 angle adpater.

MITOVIT® hypoxia training usually takes place in the practice in a relaxed situation while lying down.

The application is perceived as pleasant and leads many to relax and fall asleep during it. In contrast to the altitude training of athletes, there is usually no athletic activity during hypoxia training. To mimic the stimuli of physical exertion, MITOVIT® hypoxia training uses a more reduced oxygen concentration. As a rule, altitude training of athletes takes place at an altitude of about 2,000 meters, which corresponds to an atmospheric oxygen of about 16%.

Athletes who want to increase their performance and achieve the best possible results should perform hypoxia training with MITOVIT® during moderate physical exertion, for example on a bicycle or treadmill.

The MITOVIT® System offers a range of impressive benefits that elevate training to a new level. Firstly, it offers an extremely comfortable hypoxic training experience with maximum air supply and boasts the best casing insulation, creating an extremely quiet atmosphere and enabling optimal relaxation during training.

One outstanding feature of our system is its fully automated training process. In Biofeedback mode, MITOVIT® continuously measures oxygen saturation (SpO2) and adjusts the oxygen content to maintain the desired SpO2 target value. This ensures optimal training results without the need for manual adjustments. This allows for complete delegation of the treatment, enabling the user to be comfortably alone during the training session. As a result, you can significantly reduce the required personnel effort and focus entirely on other tasks.

The system determines the optimal training conditions through a fully automated hypoxia test, ensuring the best results from each session. The automatic adjustment of oxygen delivery in biofeedback mode guarantees that the ideal training zone is consistently achieved.


  • 15.6 inch full HD touch screen monitor
  • intuitive software adapted to that of VNS analysis
  • integrated real-time HRV with display of parasympathetic activity
  • best sound insulation for the highest possibility of relaxation
  • re-humidified breathing air for comfortable breathing
  • integrated oxygen concentrator, no exchange of oxygen cylinders necessary
  • Can be used at rest and during physical stress
  • Continuous recording of the measurement data
  • unlimited storage of trainings possible
  • Simultaneous recording of SPO2 via two pulse oximeters for maximum safety
  • soft, very comfortable to wear pulse oximeter included in delivery
  • mobile with swivel and lockable castors
  • everything made in Germany
  • Size (W x H x D): 47.5 cm, 106 cm, 42 cm
  • Weight: approx. 60 kg