Since safety is the top priority during hypoxia training, MITOVIT® uses two pulse oximeters for optimal safety. Thus, using the two pulse oximeters, two values for SpO2 are always recorded in parallel and compared with each other. If a pulse oximeter fails, displays incorrect values, or the difference between the two readings becomes too great, the automatic safety mechanism kicks in and the user is immediately supplied with normoxic or hyperoxic air. With this double protection, safety during treatment is ensured, an accidental lowering of the SpO2 below the limit range can be ruled out and thus cell damage can be avoided.

    So that the user does not find the pulse oximeter annoying, we use special pulse oximeters made of soft material with a long cable, which are very comfortable to wear and provide sufficient freedom of movement. Even women with long fingernails do not find them unpleasant.

    In the event of a power failure, MITOVIT® contains a safety valve that ensures the supply of room air at all times if MITOVIT® can no longer supply air.