Hypoxic Training

MITOVIT® is one of the most modern hypoxic training systems on the market.

Although the training is carried out at rest, the effects of the altitude training known from competitive sports can be achieved through the targeted use of low-oxygen air.

Altitude training for everyone

Increasing vitality. Promoting health. Improving well-being.


the effects

  • Increase your efficency
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Optimise your stress resistance
  • Bring your autonomic nervous system into balance
  • Improve your ability to concentrate
  • Increase the protection against oxidative stress
  • Stimulate your fat metabolism and add speed to your weight reduction
  • Support your cardiovascular system
  • Shorten your regeneration times!
    be the best version of yourself

    With increasing stress and age, the mitochondria lose their ability to produce energy effectively, they atrophy and eventually break down, which is noticeable to us in the decreasing vitality of body, soul and spirit. Almost all chronic, degenerative diseases are associated with a lack of energy in the cells. Hypoxic training can uniquely activate and regenerate the mitochondria, the basic requirement for healthy cell metabolism. 

    Dr. Med. Adelheid Deuster

    Intermittent hypoxic training

    An effective treatment for cardiovascular diseases

    Dr. Stephan Bortfeldt

    Hypoxic training in orthopedic practice

    Holistic biological medicine in modern orthopedics

    Dr. Robert Bethke

    Intermittent Altitude Training in Mitochondrial Medicine

    Dr. Andrea Gartenbach

    Dr Robert Percy-Marshall