Ozone Therapy

Ozone is an allopathic form of oxygen – it is O3 instead of O2. It is like a “super-charged” form of oxygen. It is normally present in the atmosphere as the ozone layer, which acts to protect us from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Ozone is the most powerful oxidizer known to man as it powerfully neutralises free radicals

Ozone therapy works by disrupting unhealthy processes occuring in the body, for example if you have an infection in your body ozone therapy can stop it from spreading

Ozone is produced naturally in the environment in nature oxygen is released from plants and sea plankton during photosynthesis oxygen floats upward into the atmosphere and in turn is converted into ozone by ultraviolet radiation.

The most common method of ozone generation is corona discharge whereby oxygen is passed through a chamber and a high voltage electical charge is administered.

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