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Colon Hydrotherapy, Ozone Therapy and Hypoxic Training Equipment

Dotolo Europe Ltd, previously the European distributors for Dotolo Toxygen and now UK distributors for Herrmann colon hydrotherapy machines, medical ozone therapy devices Hyper Medozon Comfort and Mitovit Hypoxic Training device

The Business started over thirteen years ago, becoming one of the leading supply companies for colon hydrotherapy equipment and medical ozone devices in Europe.

We also supply a comprehensive range of consumables (colon hydrotherapy, ozone therapy,Hypoxic training) together with ozone cosmetics.

With a dedicated ozone therapy and colon hydrotherapy training available including tailor made 121 CPD in clinic, by experienced professionals.

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Intermittent Hypoxia Hyperoxia Therapy or IHHT works by stimulating the way our body utilises energy by causing a mild amount of stress on the respiratory system, and in response, our bodies activate a natural process of cellular ‘fine-tuning.’ This includes eliminating damaged mitochondria, and increasing the production of new, healthy mitochondria which produce ATP much more effectively.

IHHT also increases the production of red blood cells and new blood vessels (capillaries), improving the capacity for oxygen uptake and its transportation through tissue and cells – resulting in oxygen being utilised far more effectively across our whole body

IHHT works on a cellular level to help improve our health and thereby our quality of life at its very core – it is the cellular interaction between the environment and our bodies.

An new range of natural ozone cosmetic products now available here in the UK


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We are delighted to announce that we have reached agreement to become the UK distributor for Activozone and we will be launching their range of natural cosmetic products available here in the UK.

Its a new natural and non evasive approach approach over a range of core products from Ozonated oils, hygiene products and food supplements.


Certification course

2024 Ozone Certification Course dates

January – March – June – September

Full details –  Course information

Including a 280 page certification handbook, live demonstrations, DVD training reference videos for review at your convenience and certificate upon completion, plus a 220 page ozone practitioner handbook.

This course is approved for Fellowship requirement for the American Academy of Ozonotherapy and gives you the necessary content to pass the AAO Fellowship exam 

Ozone therapy treatments update for Covid-19 from around the world

Currently, 22 scientific papers have been published with outcomes, concerning the application of ozone in the Covid-19 patients. Papers that report an intervention in the COVID-19 patients totalize 21, and 1 in prevention involved 320 subjects.

Manuscripts indexed in the MedLine database are 59 %. A total of 721 patients have been treated with ozone.

The most widely used routes of administration for the intervention in Covid-19 patients are: major autohemotherapy and ozonated saline solution. Italy, Spain, and China


Ozone high dose therapy (OHT) improves mitochondrial bioenergetics in peripheral blood mononuclear cell

Brigitte König and Johann Lahodny – Research Paper published

Worldwide increasing number of people with chronic diseases are pushing conventional therapy to its limits. The so-called Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) has been used in many practices for years. Despite suspicions, especially the 10-pass ozone high dose therapy (OHT) has shown substantial benefits in treating chronic ailments

Worldwide demographic changes and general improvements in healthcare have resulted in a major shift from acute illnesses to chronic, degenerative diseases as causes of human morbidity and mortality.

Complex and chronic diseases with underlying mechanisms involving dysfunc- tional metabolism are a growing healthcare problem in the developed world and enters the countries of the so called non developed world.

Although there are many pharmaceuticals on the market, a cure for advanced chronic diseases is almost not achievable.

It is extremely important to look for other therapeutic options which can be used either preventively and/or as an adjunct to a standard therapy.


One of the leading suppliers of colon hydrotherapy and medical ozone therapy equipment, supplies, training, and support.
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