Disposable Paper Couch Roll 2ply – Single


White Couch Rolls are manufactured using premium virgin tissue whilst following strict CHSA guidelines.

Each roll provides quality hygiene protection for both medical beds and beauty salons, whilst also acting as a versatile cleaning product.

They come in standard 500mm width as 40m roll with perforations every 40cm that’s 105 sheets

– UK manufactured

– Each roll is tightly polythene wrapped for increased hygiene

– Easy tear perforations on each roll

– Soft and gentle on skin

– CHSA accredited

Disposable paper couch roll white 2 ply measuring 50cm wide and 40m long perforated every 40cm that's 105 sheets

With better resistance and higher comfort due to the double ply, Couch Rolls are made from a strong GSM paper. Usually 2 ply with a high wet strength to make sure it does not rip or break away easily. Packaged in boxes, each roll is individually wrapped for increased hygiene. This makes it the preferred choice for medical industry.  The term Couch Roll comes from the fact that the paper is pulled over the seat/bed, (also known as couch). The patient/customer lies on. This creates a barrier between the customer and the couch.

The disposable paper couch roll is generally placed at the either end of the couch, the end of the roll is then pulled over the couch to the desired length. The selected length of the Couch Roll is ripped off using the perforated section. As the product is perforated, it can still rip, however by making the perforation stronger, the patient/client is a lot less likely to rip the perforations when moving compared to some other Couch Roll products on the market.

It also helps in keeping your treatment room clean and hygienic, its perfect for protecting your furniture and equipment. Once the patient/client is finished with their appointment, the couch roll sheet can then be discarded in a recycled paper bin. The couch is then cleaned and a new sheet of the Couch Roll can be applied. By including the sheet of Couch Roll you are greatly lowering the risk of any contamination between patients/clients.


Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 50 × 11 × 11 cm