Scaleout Limescale Remover


The Monarch Scaleout unit - The no salt alternative to a conventional water softener. Giving you want almost all the benefits of a typical ion exchange water softener but without the use of salt and electricity
The Monarch Scaleout offers extensive limescale prevention 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is the most significant advancement in scale prevention in over 100 years!
Its revolutionary process provides quick, efficient, and cost-effective protection from severe limescale damages.
The quality of the drinking water is not affected. During the limescale prevention process, no minerals or magnesium are removed, and no sodium is added to the water, making it safe to drink all day, every day.
The Main Features of the Monarch Scaleout
- Drinkable
- No electricity required
- Low maintenance
- Reduces your carbon footprint
- No repair costs due to scale damage
- Targets existing scale
- Prevents new scale forming
- Easy to install – full install kit provided
- Compact – from only 495mm high
- pH stability – suitable for all metals
- Improved texture of the water
- Can help reduce your detergent/washing powder bills*
- Food grade materials throughout
- Suitable for ‘whole house’ protection
With pH stability (unique to Monarch Scaleout), Scaleout water is ideal for all types of central heating systems – including boilers with stainless steel or aluminium heat exchangers.
How it works
Water contains two different types of hardness ions, but only one causes scale. This is called a calcium ion.
The scale causing calcium ion (dissolved limescale) passes through a bed of food-grade ceramic beads within the unit, and is transformed into a non-scale causing calcium crystal.
The crystals attach themselves to the beads. When they reach a certain size, they release themselves from the beads back into the water, where they adhere themselves to the Post Filter.
As a result of this physical change (permanent), scale no longer has the possibility of forming on surfaces including heating coils and elements, fittings, or the inside of pipes, etc.
The water becomes both non-scale forming and also descaling, offering many benefits in its performance.
The post filter should be replaced annually
The silica resin should be replaced every two to three years

Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg