Ozone Therapy Practitioner Training


Two day weekend programme covering all aspects of ozone therapy practitioner training using the Herrmann Medozon Comfort medical device

The training is designed to give a practitioner (nurse/doctor/therapist) an understanding of the Herrmann Medozon medical device when using ozone therapy as a treatment with detailed subject matter and practical hands-on demonstrations

Its focus is on helping practitioners work to administer and deliver various ozone therapy treatments.

50% Discount off the training when purchasing a machine

Two day weekend program will cover all aspects of ozone therapy practitioner training working on the Herrmann Medozon Comfort medical device. It will give a practitioner (nurse/doctor/therapist) an understanding of ozone therapy with specific subject matter and practical hands-on demonstrations. Its focus is on helping practitioners work on the Medozon medical device to administer and deliver various ozone therapy treatments and covers.

  • Types of ozone therapy treatments
  • Dosage - measurement of ozone
  • Machine set up - what’s required Inc. accessories
  • What treatment for what condition
  • Colon Hydrotherapy and ozone therapy
  • Contra-indications
  • Practical Demonstrations
  • The application explained : Ten pass procedure Normobaric vs. Hyperbaric - videos
  • Applications demonstrated IV, Rectal/vaginal and Ear Insufflation
  • "Does Rectal Ozone Kill the Good Bacteria in the Gut?

Course tutors are Shemila Tharani, one of the UK's leading colon hydrotherapy instructors, and Marius Herzog Head of Sales Herrmann Apparatau.

Delivered in English delegates will leave with an accompanying detailed 166-page Practitioner manual in English.

Both tutors also speak several languages fluently - German, Spanish, Portuguese, French and are happy to assist individuals during the course.

What an enlightening and well organised course!! The past 2 days have been truly amazing! I loved my introduction to the world of Ozone therapies and even got to have the 10 pass and insufflation treatments myself both of which I am already feeling the wellness benefits.

The lectures from Steve, Marius, Shemila and Agnes were all excellent and I really enjoyed the real-life patient case studies demonstrated, open discussions and the extensive practical hands-on sessions. The venue and refreshments were excellent, and it was great to make new friends.

I recommend this Dotolo Europe course 100%. - Well done Dotolo Ozone team and many thanks again.

Dr Kathryn Taylor-Barnes

Real You Clinic, Richmond, London

Some background snippets

Ozone was first discovered and named by German scientist Christian Frederick Schonbein in 1840. The first ozone generators were developed by Werner von Siemens in Germany in 1857. The first report of ozone being used to purify blood in test tubes was by the German Dr. C. Lender in 1870. Dr. Kleinmann experimented with ozone for bacterial infections before 1880. Dr. Day was a pioneer of ozone therapy in Australia, writing the paper Ozone Treatment and Sclaratina and Smallpox in 1878. The first American therapeutic use of ozone was by Dr. John H. Kellogg in ozone steam saunas at his Battle Creek, Michigan sanatorium from 1880, as he wrote in his book, “Diphtheria: Its Nature, Causes, Prevention and Treatment”. In October 1893, the world’s first water treatment plant using ozone was installed in Ousbaden, Holland, and today there are over 3000 municipalities around the world that use ozone to clean their water and sewage, including all the great cities.