Particle filter Hot and Cold


Replacement Particle Filter 10 inch Standard size 5 micron cartridge suitable for  both hot and cold water

The filter manufacturers states that all filters, whether on a sink in a refrigerator or on a colonic instrument, will begin to host there own colonies of bacteria after being submerged in water for a period of four months.

Manufactured from a durable polypropylene cord that is wound around a rigid polypropylene core. They are an economical solution to reduce fine sediment including sand, silt, rust and scale particles.

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Features, Options, & Benefits
  • String-wound design reduces fine sediment from a variety of fluids
  • Withstands temperatures up to 40°C
  • Will accomodate flow rates between 10 - 20 l/min
  • Nominal 5 micron rating (WP)

Filtration is the process of forcing a liquid or gas through a porous medium to remove solid particles. The particles are measured or classified in microns. One micron equals 0.0000394".

Absolute-rated filter cartridges will retain at least 99% of particles of a particular micron size.

As a general rule if you are performing ten treatments per week then change filters every 3/4 months. More frequent changes may be required if your water is dirty or you are doing a lot more treatments.

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