Premium60 – 30 amp.


ActivOzone PREMIUM60 is a food supplement of premium quality, conceived for all the people who want to initiate or to complement an ozone therapy, and strengthen other therapies applied with or without ozone.

ACTIVOZONE PREMIUM60 can prevent the early release of ozone because it has been subject to molecular micro encapsulation. The main advantages of this product are: controlled release of Ozone in the body through molecular micro encapsulation; and systemic ozone induction at low concentrations.

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  • It is the systemic induction of ozone in lower concentrations;
  • Stimulates the body to develop response mechanisms to oxidative stress.
  • Improve the patient reaction to subsequent inductions of ozone in medium or higher concentrations;
  • It allows the continuity of ozone therapy after local application sessions, or in the interval of both.
  • It is a coadjutant when combined with other practices or therapeutic techniques.


Daily dose 1 ampoule <=> 10ml

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