Disposable Unisex Briefs – 100pcs


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PRIMARY USE: For modesty purpose only. Not for protection of wearer.
MATERIAL Non-Woven PP Spunbond 30gsm
DIMENSIONS: Medium Large Ex.Large
57 x 67cms approx 60 x 68.5cms approx 63.5 x 77.5cms approx
(22.5” x 26.5”) (23.5” x 27”) (25” x 30.5”)
QUALITY: No known standard exists for this product
PACKING & LABELLING: 100 Pcs Per Poly Dispenser and is marked with product name, quantity and Code ref, Colour.
STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store in a cool dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.
SHELF LIFE: 5 Years if stored as recommended above.
FURTHER INFORMATION: Contains latex in the elasticated banding in the waistband and the leg apertures. Highly sensitised persons may develop Type 1 allergic skin contact reaction and Type IV delayed allergic reaction to this product.

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