Habamat Aquaclean


All in one solution thats fully compliant with WRAS water regulations

Totally transportable on rollers can be easily moved

The main reason for using a Herrmann Habamat Aquaclean is probably that in most premises the feed for the cold water is off the mains supply and for the hot water of some sort of stored or pressurised system that also supplies wash hand basins showers etc. These present two issues firstly the general mains supply can vary from town to town and also local factors play a part such as the age of the system and/or location multi-use locations and/or high use locations e.g. hair salons, laundrettes etc.

The colon hydrotherapy machine needs water inlet pressure of approximately 3.0 bar (ideally balanced 1.5 bar hot and 1.5 bar cold) and flow to operate correctly and efficiently with around 100 litres of hot stored water. This then will allow for three/four back to back treatments of uninterrupted supply.

Habamat Aquaclean, in combination with either a Herrmann or Dotolo colon hydrotherapy machine, is the complete treatment package.

  • requires just a single input cold water supply at 1.2 bar
  • provides both hot and cold water at suitable pressure 1.8 bar
  • has a single independent source continually charged 10-litre hot water (55'c) supply
  • backflow prevention in accordance with EN1717
  • low noise output enabling use in treatment room
  • with standard 3pin plug requires just a single 240v/13amp power socket
  • easily transportable with built-in rollers

Its construction complies with the European directive EN 1717 and UK WRAS cat 5 regulations, especially when it comes to protection against backflow prevention.

Thanks to its compact size the Habamat Aquaclean can fit comfortably under a standard examination couch

All these features make it easy for the therapist to set up a stand-alone system that's independent of the clinic water supply, freeing up resources to concentrate on the treatments and with peace of mind that it fully conforms to the necessary water regulations. Taking a matter of minutes to set up, leaving no requirement for any fixed pipework.

Additional information

Weight 31.5 kg
Dimensions 54 × 43 × 57 cm
Power supply

230v 50/60Hz

Water inlet pressure

mains cold water only 1.5 – 3 bar

Water outlet pressure

Cold water 2bar max Hot water 2bar max

Flow rate

max 14 l/min

Water outlet temperature

adjustable 35C – 55C

DVGW registration