Activozone GAST120 is a food supplement with a formula specifically designed to temporarily attach to the inner wall of the stomach. This innovative oral suspension is a blend of ozonized olive glycerides with a balanced blend of polysaccharides and magnesium carbonate.

The attachment of this solution to the gastric mucosa is caused by the strong viscosity and special resistance of these polysaccharides to gastric digestion. They are also responsible for the high stability of the suspension and they allow a controlled release of ozone.

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  • Controlled release of Ozone (in low concentrations) in the gastric mucosa;
  • Germicidal and bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative action;
  • Daily intake of polysaccharides and magnesium carbonate.
  • Reduces hyperchlorhydria because it causes an increase in the pH of the stomach;
  • Stimulates growth of the beneficial gut flora;
  • Prevents absorption of toxins and heavy metals;
  • Avoids excessive absorption of fats, thus contributing to the decrease of the cholesterol levels;
  • Contributes to the increase in the volume and fluidity of stools and intestinal motility;


Take 10ml 30 minutes before breakfast and 10 ml 30 minutes before dinner, with a half glass of water. Daily dose <=> 20ml


  • Suspension in 250 ML bottle with measuring spoon

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