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Ozonized Oil

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Ozonized vegetable oils are deeply absorbed by the skin and provide many of the properties of ozone, such as: antioxidant, regenerating and purifying. Ozone acts on free radicals and helps to eliminate them later. These ozone properties provide the necessary conditions for the recovery of damaged skin.

ACTIVOZONE Ozone Oil, is a germicide, healing, regenerating, slightly analgesic and anti-inflammatory product.

100% Active principle: Its formula contains only ozonized vegetable oils, nothing more!

It can be used by all age groups, during pregnancy and can be applied as often as needed.

It can be used in the genital and anal areas, mucous membranes, nipples and all other parts of the body.

It is such a safe product that it can be used in babies and children.

ACTIVOZONE Ozone Oil has unique characteristics.

When products with ozonized oils are applied to the skin, ozone is released. It acts on transient pathogens by charging them with negative charges: their metabolism is thus destabilised and their proliferation is prevented.

Ozone activates the cellular energy of the damaged tissues, providing the skin with the tools for its recovery and avoiding necrosis.

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Pruritus; Dermatitis, Bullous diseases; Inflammation; Pressure ulcers; Infections (bacterial, viral, mycotic, parasitic); Wounds; Burns. It is recommended for all skin types. Suitable for any skin type.

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Shake before use. Apply on the desired area of the body, massaging gently until completely absorbed.


  • 20ml drop dispenser bottle
  • 50ml drop dispenser bottle
  • 100ml drop dispenser bottle


Olea europaea (ozonized oil), Helianthus annuus (ozonized sunflower oil).

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