Ozone Oil 600IP 20ml


Ozonized Oil with 600PI

  • Cares
  • Protects
  • Repairs

The use of an intermediate PI allows not only a mild anti-infective action but also the stabilization of tissues for tissue proliferation. Its action is strong enough for infectious cases in sensitive tissues and can be used safely in the mucous and genital organs (both female and male). Thus, Ozone Oil 600 is useful in genital diseases, mucous diseases and re-epithelialization.

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Periodontal abscess; Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO); Balanoposthitis; Bartholinitis; Female Genital Candidiasis; Male Genital Candidiasis; Oral Thrush; Blackheads; Dermatitis herpetiformis; Plantar hyperhidrosis; Otitis; Vulvovaginitis; Complex Wounds – Proliferative Phase.

full list of applications

For application on the vaginal mucosa (vulvovaginitis), rectal mucosa (haemorrhoids), nasal mucosa, trophic ulcers in the epithelialization phase, skincare and scalp.


Shake before use. Apply on the desired area of the body, massaging gently until completely absorbed.


  • Package containing one bottle of 20ml


Ozonized olive oil1, Ozonized sunflower seed oil1.

1PV [600 mEqO2/Kg]) + 10%

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg

Peroxide Value (PV) measures the amount of active oxygen present per kg of product. Measuring this value is also critical to determine the quality and establish the therapeutic effect of each ozonized oil.

Hence, the evaluation process of the peroxide value should reliably follow the method recommended by the International Scientific Committee on Ozone Therapy (ISCO3), as per the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy (2nd and 3rd Editions).

From a therapeutic point of view, the specifications about ozonized oils are defined on three levels:

  • High (1200 PV)

The higher the peroxide value in the product, the greater its antimicrobial capacity, because of the greater release of peroxides – antiseptic action.

  • Medium (600 PV)

Intermediate peroxide values simultaneously perform antiseptic action and promote cell cycle – enabling tissue proliferation in a hyper oxygenated environment.

  • Low (400 PV)

The lower the peroxide value, the greater its regenerative capacity, because it has a greater healing activity, with enhanced action to induce the synthesis of growth factors and accelerate the cell cycle.

In other words, in inflammatory phases, it is advisable to use an ozonized oil with a high PV. In regeneration phases, an oil with a medium PV should be used, and in healing phases, an oil with a low PV.