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The Medozon Comfort Ozone machine has a user guide via integrated colour touch screen (English German Spanish Italian and Turkish) Input of concentration with number keys infinitely adjustable to any value between 5ug/ml and 80 ug/ml. The entered concentration is automatically measured and controlled by the analyser. Highly flexible the ozone can be delivered from any of the three outlets including  being drawn up into a syringe. All connections are Luer Lock .Videos showing accuracy and air trap function The following therapy types are possible using this machine

  • Hyberbaric major autohemotherapy and OHT multi pass MAHT
  • Normobaric minor autohemotherapy
  • Injection and syringe therapy
  • Insufflation
  • Bag aeration
  • Water ozonisation

For unsurpassed efficacy with MAHT treatments and busy practices where treatment time is a factor. The Medozon Comfort Ozone machine is unquestionably the most suitable Medical Ozone Generator on the market and the touch screen interface and inbuilt vacuum pump and catalyzer make it a pleasure to operate, for any treatment modality. videos showing various treatments

The only way to create pure ozone The majority of ozone generators use metal (stainless steel, aluminum, or ceramic) electrodes to make the ozone. Most with plastic ends and rubber seals. Unfortunately the destructive oxidative effects of ozone slowly destroy these metal electrodes. A reaction that could add toxic impurities to the ozone being produced. The heart of the Herrmann machine/process design is a Quartz Glass tube. This is the purest form of glass in the world today, with not a single impurity, no metals, no lead, no plastic, no rubber and no plastic. In addition, the ozone can never, ever break it down, so it will last literally forever.

International Ozone Generators Standards: In 2012 the AAO – American Academy of Ozone introduced an Ozone Generator Standards report (a buyer’s guide) stated that the electrodes in ozone generators should be Quartz Glass. These international experts know that you need to use Ultrapure Contaminant Free Ozone and that the only way to make it is by using a glass electrode

Manufacturing quality standards Herrmann have been producing medical grade ozone machines for over twenty-five years to the highest quality standards. With various certifications CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 etc. and have supplied machines around the world to many hospitals, clinics and Health Centre’s.

Ozone on Demand – Lifetime Warranty Using this technology there is no “warm up period”. You start receiving 100% pure ozone immediately with no humidity present this means that no corrosion takes place enabling a lifetime warranty on the machine.

Additional information

Weight17 kg
Power Supply

230v~/50-60 Hz or 115v~/50-60 Hz

Power Input

310 Va

Ozone Concentration

0.5-80ug/ml (control via UV Analyser)

Flow Rate

0.8 l/min

Product category acc. to MP-directives 93/42 EEC

ll b

Packaging size

65cm x 60cm x 40cm


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