Medozone I-Set 300ml


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100% sterile and ozone resistant contains no latex and is DHPE free

Suitable  for normobaric and hyperbaric ozone therapy treatments and consisting of

  • Connection line with filter and roll clamp
  • 300 ml chamber with blood filter and injection valve
  • infusion line with roll clamp
  • hydrophobic bacteria filter included
Complete assembly in sealed and sterile packaging.
This MAHT i-set (Major Autohemotherapy) is a one piece unit integrating the various components that are normally assembled on to the glass vacuum bottles.
The benefit with this i-set is that there is virtually no set up time, which is important in busy clinics, and there is no problem with losing vacuum in the system as the operator applies the vacuum manually at the time of treatment.
These sets are also perfectly suited to the new Multiple Pass MAHT treatments that can take place over as long as 1.5 hours as there is zero material degradation due to ozone exposure as there may be with the seals on the traditional vacuum sets.
Please note these are not US specification – USA i-sets these are sold separately under a different part number

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