Sodium Citrate Ampoules


Sodium Citrate Ampoules One Box Pack contains 10 x 10 ml vials

Composition: 100 ml dilution contains:
Sodium citrate 2 H²O 3,13 g 2,79 g Sodium citrate H²O free in water for injection 3,13% Ph.Eur. respectively 3,8% Erg.-B6.

No preservatives.

Application: Dilution for prevention of blood clotting e.g. in ozone therapy, HOT and UVB-autohemotherapy.

For safe and effective catheter blocking e.g. in dialysis. Prevention of blood clotting for diagnostic purposes, including In-vitro-diagnostic.

The ampule is for single use only. Re-use the ampule creates a potential risk of patient or for infection. Contamination of the device may lead to injury, illness or death of the patient.

Reprocessing may compromise the structural integrity of the device.
Notice: Product has an osmolality of approximately 290 mosmol/l to 300 mosmol/l.

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